1) Wardrobe Color

Darker, solid colors stand out! My goal is to direct the audience to your face and your eyes. Patterns, prints and bright colors like orange or red, will distract people from what we want them to see. White, cream or flesh toned colors can blend too much as well. Blues, greens, chocolate, navy and other mid tones will help to focus their attention. All colors will work, but some make for a better headshot. Wear what you feel most confident in and has a stellar fit. I recommend sleeves as well for women.

2) Ties and Necklines

It’s all about the neck! Most of the time, you can’t go wrong being slightly conservative. A good headshot is often compared to being a combination of a first date and a job interview. If your industry favors ties, then a conservative tie is the way to go. Otherwise, a modest v-neck, for ladies or gentlemen, is perfect as it will lengthen your neck and flatter your face. As always, keep it simple and to avoid too much distraction and solid colors work best.

3) Jewelry for a Headshot

Jewelry is a very personal statement about you. However, big, bright, bold and dangly pieces are often too flashy and, as we’ve mentioned before, become a distraction. And, as styles change so quickly, they can date your headshot, making it less effective. No jewelry is recommended but if you must, simple is preferred.

4) Personal Grooming and Self Care

You want to look your absolute best for a headshot so preparation is key. I don’t recommend getting your haircut the day before the session. Guys keep your beards kept up and beware of little hairs over the lips, nose, and ear hair. Little chest hair sticking out or neck hair can be distracting as well if seen. Undershirts should not be visible as well. Skin care routines are great and show off the skin well. Drinking a lot of water the days before a shoot can definitely benefit the skin as well.

5) Expression is Key

Your best tool for a great headshot is a great expression. A confident and approachable expression implies that you have knowledge that your clients need. When directing my clients, I aim for a confident and approachable look to help your headshot stand out. I will help coach you to get the perfect expression.